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Parents, do you want to help your children learn English easier and with your support? Do you know how you can help your child to learn to speak English? Do you need advice with helping your kids learn English through rhymes and picture books?

Search no more. We have prepared booklets to help your children learn English with you and have fun at the same time.

Booklet 1 - Learn English as another language

The first booklet in the series is all about how young children learn English as another language. What are the advantages of beginning early, and what are the stages in picking up English?

Booklet 2 - Speaking English with your child

The second booklet in the series is about speaking English to support your child. Why parents' help is best, and what encouragement and praise to give?

Booklet 3 - Learning English through sharing rhymes

The third booklet in the series helps parents select, use and practise rhymes. Learn how to introduce and understand new rhymes, and how to make rhyme books with your kids.

Booklet 4 - Learning English through sharing picture books

The fourth booklet in the series deals with the use of picture books and what kids can learn from them. Find out how to select picture books, what is your role in introducing new books and building a home library.