Inclusive education conference image
Inclusive education conference image

In February 2014, together with the VET Centre, the Ministry of Education and Science, and our partners Open the Windows and OSCE, we organised a Conference on Inclusive education that hosted more than 120 participants from state institutions, vocational schools, faculties of pedagogy and academic institutions. David Crabtree, our UK consultant, shared his experience and UK best practices in inclusive education.

During the Conference, special attention was given to the current achievements in inclusive VET as well as challenges that the Macedonian VET faces daily. These discussions have resulted in conference proceedings and conclusions that have been delivered to all institutional stakeholders in inclusive VET in the country. 

Conference  presentations can be downloaded on this page.

The VET Centre have continuously been working towards achieving inclusive VET in Macedonia. To date, they have:

- produced the Teachers Guidebook in Extra-Curricula Design for Integrated Education, 

- designed curricula for Special education needs in special 4-year schools; 

- produced the Strategy for VET in the Lifelong Learning context (2013-2020) and 

- the “Handbook on working with special educational needs students”.

The “Handbook on working with special educational needs students” can be downloaded on this page.