VET training for the labour market
VET training for the labour market

In October 2013, our UK consultant Stephan John held two presentations to demonstrate the current British practices in employer led vocational education and training. The presentations were aimed at representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, the National Centre for Vocational Education and Training, Chambers of Commerce, employers, businesses and industries in Macedonia.

Both presentations from Stephan John can be downloaded on this page.

With UK expertise, the VET centre have produced instruments and indicators for labour market needs analysis that have been piloted in several municipal schools and businesses through a series of surveys, focus groups and panel discussions. The functionality of the instruments has also been analysed. The final product is the creation of the 'Methodology for functional analysis of the labour market needs', available for download on this page.

Previously, in 2012, we supported the National VET Centre to complete the 'Analysis on the requirements for monitoring VET school graduates’ destinations'.

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