Thursday 26 November 2015 - 10.00
Skopje, Macedonia

This conference was designed to bring together young entrepreneurial minds and representatives from different institutions and organisations in one place with one leading goal – to increase policy and decision-makers knowledge as well as awareness of existing practices, policies, business supportive environments through best practices in youth entrepreneurship.

During the event relevant speakers from all participating countries from the Western Balkans and from the UK presented their own experiences in four themes: Entrepreneurship in educational reforms, Government policies and measures, Business incubators perspective and The role of youth networks and organisations.

This conference was part of a regional project entitled ‘Encouraging youth entrepreneurship in Western Balkans’. It is implemented by the British Council with support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The purpose of the project is to support young people from the region to start their own businesses and improve employability skills through quality training programmes and UK experiences, and to influence Western Balkans decision makers to empower the next generation of young entrepreneurs. The project will focus on supporting young entrepreneurs to improve their business and digital skills. This will be complemented with support to governments in the region to propose policies which provide an enabling entrepreneurial environment.