'Wedding stories' fashion exhibition

Wednesday 21 October 2015 - 20.00 to Sunday 08 November 2015 - 17.00
Museum of Macedonia, Skopje

The “Wedding Stories” fashion exhibition presents the completed works of the “Fashion and Cultural Heritage” project which lasted several months and was implemented by the British Council Macedonia as an organizer, and the European University – R. Macedonia and the Museum of Macedonia as partners. This exhibition is part of the Fashion Weekend Skopje Autumn/Winter 2015/16 edition.

The goal of the project is to use the rich cultural heritage from the museum collections of clothes, textile and jewellery in the works of the contemporary designers. In addition, through the interdisciplinary cooperation discover new artistic ways of fashion presentation. The project began with a three-day workshop entitled “Fashion as Art” in the Museum of Macedonia led by Professor Susan Postlethwaite from the London College of Fashion. The workshop opened up new horizons for the students concerning cultural heritage, which resulted in further creative research under the mentorship of their professors from the Faculty of Art and Design: Professor Gordana Vrencoska, MA; Professor Stojanka Maneva – Cuposka, MA and Lecturer Jovica Mijalkovikj, MA.    

The theme “Wedding Stories” imposed itself as a sublimate of the richness of the exhibits from the ethnological exponents of costumes, jewellery and textile in the Museum of Macedonia, most of which are connected to the wedding traditions in Macedonia. A lot of attention has always been paid to the making and storing of these objects and they have been handed down from generation to generation in the families. The Fashion and Graphic Design students in cooperation with the Interior Design students and the Museum curators are narrating designer stories and through them they provide their own contemporary interpretations of the clothes, textile and jewellery from the local wedding traditions. Adorning, concealing and multilayered characteristics, ceremonial feature, traditional versus contemporary customs, past and present, memories, family heritage, constraints of tradition, symbols and rituals of happiness, wishes, fictions and making up stories are the topics that inspired the young designers to “write” their stories with the language of fashion illustration, clothes, jewellery, textile designs, graphic patterns, photographs, illustrations and installations.

Exhibition curatorship is signed by Prof. Gordana Vrencoska, MA in cooperation with the Museum of Macedonia curators Jasemin Nazim and Nada Andonovska. Exhibits from the 'Red rooster - black hen' exhibition from the Museum of Macedonia have been incorporated in the scenography.

In addition to the exhibition, we organize screening of fashion films from the 'Dressing the screen' programme during the exhibition opening evening at 21.00 at the Museum of Macedonia. Join us.

In parallel to these activities, the National and University Library ‘St. Clement of Ohrid’ – Skopje is presenting parts of its rich collection offering a glimpse of our fashion and cultural heritage at an exhibition at the NUL foyer from 21 until 31 October 2015. Visit this exhibition, too, and find out about the possibilities offered by the National and University Library.

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