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One of the mayor focuses of the British Council fashion programme is the theme of cultural heritage in design. Building on work with museums and fashion representatives in North Macedonia, we seek to bring the two together to encourage the industries to explore how they can relate and can benefit from each other's practice.

Museums explore new ways to take advantage of fashion collections and look for modern methods of presenting them, which would result in attracting a new audience.
Group of students working on a fashion project
Design students learned how cultural heritage can play a role in design practice, how they can work with historic archives to inform their research and test new ways of fashion presentation.
Students and Susan Postlethwaite exploring the museum's collection
Museum curators and students from European University in North Macedonia worked with UK fashion curator Susan Postlethwaite to explore the museum's collection and the stories behind the pieces.
Models wearing clothing items inspired by the cultural heritage.
Working with the ethnographic collection and curators at the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, along with a group of fashion, architecture and graphic design students, we ran a 3-day workshop where we created the clothing items inspired by the cultural heritage.
New pieces designed by the students alongside historic artefacts
Students worked with museum curators to prepare a presentation for Fashion Weekend Skopje, hosted at the Museum, including new pieces designed by the students alongside historic artefacts.