During the Perceptions: Engendered exhibition in Skopje, we prepared interesting programme for visitors of the Museum of Contemporary Arts Skopje. The entrance to the accompanying programme is free!

Audiences will have the opportunity to participate in numerous conversations with artists, expert interpretations, discussions, workshops and other events as part of the accompanying program of the exhibition in which it is possible to see women's art from a new perspective, to get acquainted with the new trends of feminist emancipation and contemporary aspects of gender equality.

June 12: GraceGraceGrace performance

“LOUISE” is a performance of the London-based art collective GraceGraceGrace, focusing on the highly interdependent concepts of Gender and Aging. The performance questions traditional, as well as contemporary notions of the body image, aging and the identity of being an aging woman, as well as our preconceptions of beauty, sexuality, desire, fantasy and rituals.

In the words of the collective: “LOUISE” references sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, using undergarments and bones… a durational, partly improvised work… we refer to each other, mimicking or adapting actions in an endless array of repetition and modification. The bones remain untouched… as memento mori or just abandoned ideas. Our other props are a dusky range of pink lingerie, something that none of us might usually wear, but something which is felt to encompass both the feminine and the personal. Through repeated and slow actions of putting on, taking off, hanging up, dragging, displaying etc, we form a relationship in which we are caught up in an entanglement of matter and material. In this way we establish an emotional and obsessive relationship to the lingerie – a passionate attachment that we form/perform, meshing together the material and cultural.

June 14: Guided tour with Hristina Ivanoska

Guided tour with one of the Macedonian artists whose works are part of the exhibition. Hristina Ivanoska (1974) works with objects, texts, drawing, video, perfo mance and installation, often interdisciplinary and as a critical investigation into the experience of present-day social and political systems and their relation- ship to theory and history. She has exhibited at Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Museum of Sculpture – Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw, Research Pavilion at the 57th Ven- ice Biennale, MUMOK Vienna, Künstlerhaus Graz, MNAC Bucharest, State Mu- seum of Contemporary Art Thessalonica, nGbK Berlin, Magazin4 - Bregenzer Kunstverein and other venues. Since 2000 she has been collaborating with the artist Yane Calovski.

June 17 – June 21: Educational programme

From 17 June until 21 June, each day between 14.00 and 16.00 an educational programme of the Perceptions: Engendered exhibition will take place. During this time, Bojana Semova, curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje will be guiding art students through the exhibition.

July 10: Workshop with meduza.mk

Medusa is a feminist platform created for girls, women, generations and sexual minorities - and in the essence of all individuals with a desire to listen, learn and live feministly, who want to build interconnected networks of connections, to read for each other and write: for themselves, for the personal / systemic (and the site between) the problems they face each other; for your choices, your rights, your pleasures, your bodies, your displays...

August 12: Open Air film screening

A respectable mother is saying grace at the table before lunch, while her sons and husband wait impatiently. “I am for an art that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum”, she says. “I am for art which develops holes like socks, which is eaten like a piece of pie.” 

The words are from a manifesto by pop artist Claes Oldenburg from 1961. They are intoned by Cate Blanchett, in one of thirteen (!) roles the actress plays in Manifesto, Julian Rosefeldt’s experimental film, for which he draws on the statements of more than fifty artists and thinkers from the twentieth century. This film, derived from Rosefeldt’s multi-screen film installation of the same name, is a tour de force in which leading ideas about art and society are handily presented in twelve parts. The remarkably versatile Blanchett (her roles include a homeless person, a puppeteer, a director and a choreographer) invests the text with freshness and vitality. The witty, entertaining Manifesto is proof that visionary ideas really can be timeless.