31 July 2019 | 19.30 | MoCA - Skopje

Lana Zdravković, City of Women, Ljubljana
Jana Kocevska & Kristina Lelovac, Tiiiit.inc, Skopje
Kumjana Novakova, MoCA - Skopje
Female Spaces is an open discussion and networking space in formation within the programme of the exhibition Perceptions Engendered, looking at new and innovative formats for inclusion of women in arts in different contexts, working so to contribute to the eradication of gender disparity in the contemporary art world.

About City of Women
City of Women is a platform that produces and presents contemporary, innovative, premium, critical, bold and radical art.
City of Women presents and promotes local and international artists, theoreticians, cultural workers.
City of Women exposes the social reality in which art is produced and in which the artists live/work.
City of Women draws attention to discrimination in art and culture.
City of Women aims to improve conditions for women in the arts and culture.
City of Women nourishes transdisciplinary and intersectional approach.
City of Women does not accept stereotypes, disciplining the art or separation of practice and theory.
City of Women encourages to social reflection, awareness, solidarity and acceptance of diversity.

About Tiiiit.inc
Tiiiit! Inc. conducts activities to actively engage and support the women rights activists and independent artists in advocating improvement of the women’s rights in our society. We try to enable women to express their work and opinions to the wider public (and to the governmental bodies) by creating a non-exclusive space for constructive debate, creative exchange and networking opportunities. We work on promotion of all spectra of women’s realities, urban, young, and marginalized, such as sex workers, lesbians, bisexual and transgender, ethnic and religious minorities and many other who cannot express themselves as part of the mainstream culture.