Sat at the intersection of technology and immersive entertainment are both videogames and theme park rides, so what exactly do these two design fields have in common?

Join PlayUK on 16 December as we welcome Amanda Johnstone-Batt, former CG Supervisor for Framestore’s Rides team. In her role Amanda has worked as part of the design team for a range of award-winning and groundbreaking themed entertainment experiences and rides around the world. Her work combines the innovative use of new technologies to create real-world immersive entertainment experiences.

In this session Amanda will provide insight into the design and development of some of the recent projects she’s worked across whilst also reflecting on the parallels between videogames and themed entertainment.


Amanda Johnstone-Batt, CGI Supervisor (formerly Framestore)

Bio - Amanda Johnstone-Batt, CGI Supervisor

Amanda Johnstone-Batt is the former CG Supervisor for Framestore’s Rides team, where she applied her skills in CG and VFX to an exciting slate of theme park attractions and environmental media. Prior to working on rides, Amanda accrued an impressive raft of credits in VFX, notable projects include Star Trek: Beyond, Godzilla and Thor: The Dark World. She has been part of three Oscar-nominated teams (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Avatar, The Golden Compass).