This project tells the story of a sustainable design, the use of zero-waste and shows how textile waste receives unique creations. Several young designers, Emanuela Trajceska, Sarah Redzic, Eva Zarezankova, Natalie Naumova, Radica Lazova, Katerina Dimitrovska, Mirjana Josifoska and Dana Qoseva prepared capsule collections made of textile waste and completed the project under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva and guests from Great Britain - talented designer Ana Scodbo who works behind the brand "Phannatiq" and one of the leading British stylists Rebecca Roy.

We have united in this especially important initiative because the fashion industry is the second economic branch in the world, and with the rise of fast fashion concept it is becoming one of the main culprits for the endangering of the environment. Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture current fashion trends. The results of fast fashion is that about 40% of purchased clothes are seldom or never worn – on average, clothing is worn only 3.3 times during a person’s life – and about one third of the retail clothing is never sold and is therefore burnt or destroyed after another way. Therefore, fast fashion produces huge quantities of waste. With this project we want to give a second life to the clothes, valuing the other’s work. Fashion has the power to make positive changes, to re-create measures against current harmful systems.

The guests Rebekah Roy and Anna Skodbo, who have been working on sustainable fashion for a long time, gave the designers the techniques for slow production, sustainable fabrics, certified organic cotton, zero waste production, vegan materials and ethical production conditions. Rebecca and Anna also took care of the strings of this photo shoot. 


Photo shoot FWSK
Photo: Ani i Dimi | Video: Dimitar Petrovski | Montage and style: Marina Trajkovska | © copyright Fashion Weekend Skopje in partnership with British Council

14 October 2018

Fashion presentation of the first part of the project in the center of textile Stip.

30 October 2018 – 1 November 2018

Photo and video shooting, a catalog under the mentorship of Anna Skodbo and Rebekah Roy: “Sustainable Story” with an emphasis on improving environmental and humanitarian sustainability. Activities for networking, exchange of knowledge and techniques. Curated performance, exhibition, photo and video a sustainable story about the collections made during the Fashion Weekend Skopje

2 November 2018

Fashion installation within the Fashion Weekend Skopje, Skopje Marriott Hotel.

Project background

Rebekah Roy was in North Macedonia back in 2014 and she had worked with FWSK to support digital promotion of the industry by providing a five-day workshop on Fashion blogging and photography for about 24 local fashion bloggers and photographers. These efforts were matched with Rebekah’s photography exhibition, as well as with fashion photography exhibition from our IFS programme (The International Fashion Showcase (IFS) was established in 2012 as a platform for emerging fashion designers to exhibit their work during London Fashion Week). 

We have worked in 2015-16 on a ‘fashion and cultural heritage’ project with FWSK that explored how the two interrelate through a workshop and an exhibition called ‘Wedding stories’. The collection and the whole FWSK programme was at the Museum of North Macedonia using the ethnographic collection as a suitable backdrop. Regularly designers draw inspirations for their new collections from the cultural heritage and the work we have previously done.