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The project “Enhancing Lifelong Learning through Modernizing the Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education Systems” aims to contribute to the strengthening of a comprehensive and integrated Lifelong Learning system, with focus on Vocational Education and Training (VET) and on the Adult Education (AE), by establishing a dynamic correlation between education and the changes on both the social sphere and the labour market.

Both vocational education and training and adult education play fundamental roles in raising the level of education and developing the skills of young people and adults. By doing so, they support their employability and social inclusion.

Results of the project

Project results are aimed at assiting the creation of the National Occupational Standards and the Standards for Qualifications, then reforming the VET curricula and supporting its implementation, the training of VET schools teachers and directors and other relevant stakeholders.

Furthermore, the project will support the preparation, development and piloting of adult education programs as per labour market needs, and supproting the establishment and functioning of the public adult education institutions at local level, etc.

One of the key project's interventions is the the development of a National Strategy for Lifelong Learning 2016-2020. VET and AE constitute two pillars of the strategy which will support the direction of VET and AE reforms already outlined in the existing sectoral strategies. The national strategy will support beneficiary institutions in developing a vision for the lifelong learning system in the country.

Project areas

The project addresses employability of VET and AE graduates and the value of qualifications and programmes in the labour market.

Vocational education and training is the primary link between education and the employment demand. It should be in permanent conjunction with the labour market needs and be driven by the demand of the enterprises. The project aims to revise the standards and curricula by replacing theoretical knowledge with kilss' knowledhe and practical training. Therefeore, the VET system shall be based on education and training courses directed towards the provision of clear and relevant learning outcomes.

Adul education has a primary role in updating and upgrading the knowledge of the adult population by providing consistent support that will enable them either to remain in their workplace, or become mobile or reintegrated into the labour market. This is particularly important for the social cohesion of the country, considering the current unemployment rate. The project aims to revise the current AE programs and to create new ones.

Focus of the project

The focus of the project is to provide support and to strengthen the capacity of national institutions in reforming the VET and AE systems. the five Components of this project are inter-connected and complement each other. The expected results are:

  • Further strengthening of the Vocational Education and Training system in close cooperation with the private sector and social partners in line with the relecant Strategies;
  • Further strengthening of the Adult Education system;
  • Further strengthening of the overall capacity of the national system for lifelong learning with specific attention to VET and AE;
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender dossiers for supply contracts;
  • Awareness raining about the importance and opportunities provided by VET and AE.


The project is implemented by the British Council in association with DVV International and Lifelong Learning Centre and will last until November 2017. Main project beneficiary is the Ministry of Education and Science. The project is funded by the European Union.

If you want to find out more, please contact us at info@britishcouncil.org.mk.