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Education and Training Foundation Resources

The Education and Training Foundation has kindly agreed to share its resources with us. You can register at both their Excellence Gateway and FoundationOnline websites to access scores of information and training materials – all for free!   



students' voices

One article which you may find useful on the excellence gateway is this simple piece from Liverpool community College, suggesting a new, innovative approach to getting better access to your students’ voice, and capturing more accurate feedback from learners.

Harrow College also provide a great example of ‘student voice’ in this month’s issue with their interview with student, Roshni Raghvani. 


For those of you interested in English Language teaching, you may like to take a look at these materials developed by our team in Albania alongside MASH. The materials focused on preparing and matching the English language curricula of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) schools with the requirements of the market economy.