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We are strongly committed to equal opportunities and diversity in the UK as well as all other countries we work in. 

About this programme

Funded by the British Embassy in Skopje, and with the help of UK expertise, we have been working with the Macedonian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) on a three year project to implement equality and non-discrimination law in North Macedonia.

In the past the British Council has been a partner to MLSP in two other projects that brought UK expertise to build skills capacity – the non-discrimination legislation in 2010, and the mainstreaming of this legislation at a municipal level in 2011.

Our aims

Our partnership with the MLSP has been focused on strengthening the capacity of central government institutions in mainstreaming the implementation of the newly adopted Strategy for Equality and Non-discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, age, mental/physical disability and gender.

Following an analysis of the current situation we:

  • developed a set of recommendations
  • developed the capacity for public and state officials and civil sector representatives to implement the strategy
  • showcased good practices among stakeholders at a national conference.


A study on the current situation

In 2012, to help us understand the current situation of non-discrimination practices and the available protection mechanisms, a team of Macedonian experts conducted a study. The results showed that citizens need help to recognise and understand discrimination. The key study recommendations included improving the current legislation, policies and strategic documents, as well as the mechanisms for protection against discrimination.

Capacity building

With the help of UK expertise, we trained a team of 15 trainers from eleven national institutions who were mandated to implement the strategy for equality and non-discrimination. The team of trainers produced training modules and guidebooks that were used to train up to 850 public and state officials and civic sector representatives in 2013.

National conferences

To provide an opportunity to exchange good practices among state institutions, social partners and civil society organisations, we hosted a national conference in December 2012.

The project concludes with a conference in March 2014, during which a declaration for equality and non-discrimination will be adopted by the relevant institutions. 

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