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Call closed.

The British Council is recruiting national and international, long-term and short-term Gender experts to support the delivery of ‘Media for All’ programme in the Western Balkans.

We are looking for national and international, long-term and short-term consultants at all levels of seniority who have a background in the following areas of research and capacity building: 

  • Design, delivery, implementation and evaluation of training in various fields related to Gender (including, but not limited to, gender equity and equality, physical and cyber safety of men and women journalists, masculinity, etc)
  • Research on Gender-related policies and practice across media in WB
  • Research on Gender-sensitive media content across WB
  • Research on Masculinity in media in WB
  • Mapping and development of women’s networks, women-led initiatives (with focus women in media)
  • Design, development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of mentoring programmes in WB (with focus women in media)

We would like to invite interested eligible candidates to submit their CVs to Vladimir.GolubovicAtanasov@britishcouncil.org by 20 November 2020.