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Mat Wright

The Media for All programme delivers a wide range of activities through the ‘Media Incubator’ which supports journalists and media outlets across the Western Balkans. The Media Incubator is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the journalists and media outlets across the region so we are delivering different training and support as needed. 

Support includes capacity building in fact checking and legal fact checking, training on different activities including project cycle management, fundraising, developing internal procedures and documents, storytelling and podcasts. 

Registered journalists can also search for sources and expert contacts through the BIRD directory database which has been developed as part of the Media for All Programme and is managed by our partner, BIRN.

Public Debates and Knowledge Exchange 

Our partner BIRN arranges a series of events including debates, cross-sectoral meetings and consultations to bring together the wider community, not just of journalists and editors, but other industry stakeholders, including government representatives, owners and other interested parties to discuss the priorities of the media sector. 

Do check our News section for details of upcoming events.