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Last year more than 500,000 students earned worldwide recognised British qualifications through distance learning studies.  You, too, can obtain a UK qualification, no matter where you are from and where you live. 

If you wish to be part of the British education institutions, but cannot live in the UK, one of the best alternatives for you is to enrol in part-time distance learning courses.

What educational programmes do you have access to via distance learning studies?

If you decide to study from North Macedonia, there are more opportunities to be part of full-time or part-time study programmes that are developed in cooperation with the educational institutions in the UK. Check out the EducationUK website for the programmes that are offered in the UK.

Is the quality of distance learning studies the same as the full-time study programmes?

Rigorous systems control the quality of the programmes and they allow you to experience a high standard, just as the one students in the UK experience. 

The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council – ODLQC sets the standards for distance learning studies. The Council regularly monitors the programme providers to ensure good quality service. You can visit the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council website that offers a list with all the details of the educational institutions they have assessed. 

For all higher education levels studied as distance learning programmes, the universities offer information about the achieved level of education and a transcript with the results achieved during the studies. The diploma and the transcript contain all relevant information about what, where and how you completed your studies. They contain all necessary information that employers or professional bodies would ask for.

What is the average cost of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies?

The cost depends on the area of study, the level, the organising institution, and the length of study (depending in whether the exams are taken regularly or they are re-taken). 

Postgraduate clinical studies are among the most expensive (around £10,000). The undergraduate social studies are among the cheapest ones (around £4000).

How can you apply for distance learning courses?

You apply electronically, directly to the university that has a separate department for distance learning studies. You can find these programmes and the universities that offer them at

The verification of your original documents (school reports, diplomas) and identification documents (passport) is done at the British Council. Therefore, you do not need to send the original documents. You can find more information about this service at

Where can you take the exams? Do students need to travel to the UK?

To complete your studies, you do not have to travel to the UK. To support you in your studies, some universities offer recognised preparation centres in many countries worldwide. However, the preparation is not compulsory. 

The annual examinations are taken under the supervision of the British Council which serves as an external supervisory body for all British accredited universities. In North Macedonia, the local administrative tax for one exam amounts to 4,500 denars.

What is the procedure to verify the obtained diploma?

Read more about the verification procedure.


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