Verification of documents
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If you're studying or have completed your studies in the UK, you may need verification of your UK qualifications for submission to the Macedonian authorities.

For more information regarding the verification or certification, please follow one of the procedures below.

Verification of documents and issuing of apostille

The Legalisation Department of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is the authority that issues apostille stamps in the UK, for holders of UK degrees who seek recognition of their UK awards in their country of residence. 

We only verify documents issued by British bodies that have official or recognised academic or professional status in the UK.

For further information on our verification services, please read our Code of practice.

Please note:

  • Submission of the original document(s) is a requirement. You should read and sign the Request form.
  • We can only verify after we have confirmation of the authenticity of the original document from the issuing body. For this purpose, you may be asked to sign our Consent form.
  • Verification normally takes 7–10 working days. If somebody else is collecting your document on your behalf, you should read and sign the Authorisation form.

Once this process has been completed you should refer to the legalisation office’s website for details on how to submit an application.

Certification of documents

If you have completed your studies in the UK, you may need certified copies of your original UK qualifications.

The certification of copies of original UK education or professional documents is done by submitting the original document that we will then copy and then apply the certification stamp on the copied document, on the spot. 

The certification service costs is MKD100 per certified copy.

You need to bring your original document to the British Council for the verification service, send us an email to schedule a meeting at

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