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Wednesday 16 December 2015 - 10.00
Cinematheque of Macedonia, Skopje

We joined forces with Plakart designer association in organizing the first public event on creative hubs in Macedonia. The conference will feature guest speakers from Macedonia, the region and from the UK. They will share experiences on the support they provide to creative professionals and to the creative scenes in their respective countries.

What are creative hubs and to whom they serve? Whta serrvices do they offer and how can they be sustainable? What are the Uk experience and those across the world? Whta is needed for their development and how they support the growth of the creative economy?

After the conference part, Lynsey Smith from the British Council Creative Economy team and Gillan Easson from Creative Dundee will lead a workshop on how to establish a creative hub, focusing on creating creative communities. They will share experiences from the UK, from hubs across the world and will promote the Creative HubKit toolkit.

Find out more and register for attendance at the official event page. Translation is available and entrance is free of charge.