The Living Room of the Future

Services like Netflix and YouTube personalise our entertainment, and devices like Alexa control our home with voice command. But do you ever think about how much data they know about you and your loved ones? Do you wonder where personal information is stored, how safe it is, or how household devices interact with each other, and you? And, in the future, how much will your living room know about you?

Ilija Tiricovski (Macedonia) and Mladen Rakonjac (Montenegro) were part of the competition organised by British Council in November 2017 and they won a three week residency programme in UK in order to make their idea of future experience of watching TV come to life. Their final product is an interactive cinematic experience "The Living Room of the Future".

This is a Research project delivered through the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) project Objects of Immersion. The work is a collaboration between FACT, BBC R&D, Lancaster University, University of Nottingham, and University of York. Additional support is provided by the British Council and the EPSRC research Project PETRAS, The Cybersecurity Research Hub for the Internet of Things.