Monday 19 July 2021 - 22.30

Seven BAFTA 2020 Shorts from the British Council’s Touring Film Programme will be screened in front of live audiences on Monday, 19 July 2021, 22.30 at Kino Ezerce (Skopje city park) within the forthcoming 20th edition of Cinedays Festival of European Film, organized by the Youth Cultural Centre (MKC).

The BAFTA 2020 Shorts programme includes all but one of the 2020 live action and animation short film nominees. They represent storytelling that reveals the breadth and diversity of British society, together with world class technical flair, and featuring some of our finest acting talents. This programme is the perfect package to develop international audiences to showcase the UK’s on-going tradition of producing world class short film.


Azaar (Myriam Raja, 21 mins)

A tribe of women await their men's return from war. Azaar, one of the last young girls in the village is intertwined between her mother, grandmother and the rest of the tribe, as she comes to learn the true cost of womanhood.

Goldfish (Hector Dockrill, 18 mins)

In the aftermath of her older brother’s death, 11-yearold viola is struggling to process her grief. With only her mother and precious pet goldfish for company, her rosy view of the world is turned upside down until she finds a letter from a stranger that changes everything.

Kamali (Sasha Rainbow 24 mins)

Kamali is the only girl skateboarder in a fishing village. Her timorous mother, Suganthi takes a pilgrimage in a quest for self-discovery. Separated for the first time, they must find freedom in a man’s world.

The Trap (Lena Headey, 32 mins)

When a reclusive woman falls in love, it’s easy to fall with her in this tender and sensual story of shocking self-discovery.

Grandad was a Romantic (Maryam Mohaher, 4 mins)

My grandad was a romantic. He once saw a picture of my granny and realised that she was the love of his life. One day he decided to go meet her.

In Her Boots (Kathrin Steinbacher, 6 mins)

Heidi is experiencing strange things. While her granddaughter is visiting, she suddenly embarks on a hiking journey, to the deepest parts of the Alps, revealing the reason for her devoted attachment to her hiking shoes. A story about Heidi's attempt to retain her identity and autonomy.

The Magic Boat (Naaman Azhari, 6 mins)

An intimate insight into the relationship between a mother and her son in the midst of the most dangerous journey of their lives.

Full programme information is available at Cinedays website