Webinar 1
Tuesday 23 June 2020 - 11.00
Online event for teachers

The purpose of this webinar is to encourage the use of coding in other school subjects in order to develop critical thinking and problem solving, which is one of the key 21st century skills. During the webinar, we will talk about coding the micro:bit device by using block programming and connecting them to line programming in the Python programming language. We will present the possibilities of the device itself, as well as its application in the teaching process. For that purpose, we will consider and ecplain several examples from different subjects that can be applied during the classes according to the teaching curriculum.

BILJANA NIKOLOVA is a graduate professor of informatics and has been teaching informatics in the primary education for 17 years. During her work, she has created a web portal for the needs of the school with an electronic diary and participates with educational video materials on the Eduino platform. She is an active trainer in the British COuncil teachers' programme 'Schools of the 21st Century' in our country. Within the framework of this programme, she has held several primary school teacher trainings. She regularly participates in national and international projects.

BLAGORODNA SOTIROV is a graduate professor of informatics and has been part of the educational process for 15 years. She is actively involved in numerous trainings and seminars as a participant and as a trainer. She is part of the 'Schools of the 21st Century' program, in which she has conducted several trainings for primary school teachers. She regularly participates in projects at national level, but takes part in international projects, as well.