The Touch exhibition image
Wednesday 15 September 2021 to Friday 15 October 2021

Dates: 16.9.2021, 23.9.2021, 1.10.2021, 7.10.2021, 14.10.2021, 11.00

The curator will take visitors on a guided tour through the exhibition and share information about the concept behind 'The Touch', the artists presented and their works.

Duration: 30 minutes

Moderator: Ana Frangovska

A creative and dynamic arts professional with twenty years of curatorial, educational and research experience in contemporary Visual Arts. She has worked as a senior curator at the Macedonian National Gallery for the past fifteen years. Frangovska is a PhD candidate of Transdisciplinary studies in Contemporary Arts and Media at the Faculty of Arts and Media in Belgrade.

Admission: Free

'The Touch' exhibition is taking place in Multimedia Centre Mala Stanica in Skopje.