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Thursday 23 June 2016 - 15.00
МКЦ клуб и ресторант

We have created a wealth of resources for young entrepreneurs in cooperation with institutions, creative hubs, technology incubators and entrepreneurs from five countries in the region and the UK. 

We used recommendations from education institutions, governmental agencies, the business community and youth organisations on how to support entrepreneurs; we collected experiences from training programmes delivered to young startups; we found examples on why challenges and demo-days are useful for promoting an entrepreneurial idea, and made an overview of the entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystems in London and the UK. This has been enriched with resources about the start-up community, events, co-working spaces and access to finance for entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans.

Aware that this might be not an all-inclusive list, we hope that this publication is a good basis to start building professional networking.

The publication is a result of the project "Encouraging youth entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans" delivered in the last eight months with the support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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