Since the early 1990s, Simon Wilkinson has been creating and curating immersive experiences and events, although it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that the word ‘immersive’ began to be used in relation to his work. By the 2000s he was creating interactive cinematic experiences, and by 2010 he was making virtual reality and soon after began constructing large scale transmedia universes combining internet, performance, gaming, audio visual, VR, AR, artificial intelligence and live electronic music content. His early VR work was distributed under the name il pixel rosso and in 2011 he created CiRCA69 as a vehicle for his transmedia works. His work has been featured at Tate Modern and in the past three years his most recent collection of VR installations, collectively entitled ‘Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping’ have enjoyed a 25 nation world tour across six continents.


A writer and director from London, Myra Appanah explores storytelling in film, theatre, with technology and episodic forms. Commercially, she tells stories for brands like Adidas, Lego and Guinness. Creatively, I tell stories that are open to everyone. As a scriptwriter, producer and director, she makes experiences that blur the lines between the real and unreal.


Gorast Cvetkovski is a frontend game developer based in Skopje, Macedonia. 

Together, the GGMK Group continuously creates products that keep gaming community in Macedonia together. Until 5 years ago, this community has been scattered in many parts and practically didn't exist. At the moment, GG has now over 10,000 fans. On the other hand, the Macedonian Association for Game Development - MAGDA covers the segment that seizes the developers, developers of the games. With these two products, we are trying to bring the whole interactive and gaming world to a level that does not lag behind the other regional and world countries. We can say, with great certainty, that so far we have accomplished and even surpassed our goals.