Panel discussion: The Arts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Arts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a panel discussion that aims to explore topics related to the intersection of art and technology. While the IT sector is rapidly evolving, the world of art remains torn on whether it is justified to use technology for the further development of creativity. Do these changes embody a new opportunity for artistic practice itself and for the context it is presented in, or does their global reach increase the need for "easy" content, made purely for entertainment purposes? This gathering will attempt to identify the problems and opportunities that arise from these changes.

Participants: Ian Forrester (BBC), Simon Wilkinson (artist), Nikola Uzunovski (artist). Moderator: Gorast Cvetkovski

Panel discussion: An innovative form of collaboration between universities 

The new era of digital development creates a need for new people with new skills. As technology rapidly evolves, it is becoming increasingly difficult for educational programmes to support these developments. On the other hand, digital start-ups and hubs have become spaces where new skills, knowledge and resources are best put into practice. For these reasons, entrepreneurs and universities alike are turning to new forms of collaboration. These new types of collaboration are not just for the tech-savvy: they apply to those who are in other fields, and lately, to the creative world of art. This panel aims to introduce some examples of best practice from the UK and the Western Balkans.

Participants: Roger McKinley (FACT) and Vladimir Trajković (FINKI). Moderator: Gorast Cvetkovski