Our world is moving quickly. As many as 65 per cent of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet. Preparing young people for the world of tomorrow has never been as challenging.

Qualifications and knowledge remain important, but are no longer enough to secure a successful future. Rather, children need and deserve the opportunity to grow into creative and critical citizens, ready to shape the future for themselves. ‘21st Century Schools’ is our regional programme designed to support schools in the Western Balkans countries to develop capacity and offer their students skills essential to positively contribute to a 21st century culture and economy.

In alignment with the changes in national education policies and development of new education standards, we designed a programme to support primary schools across the region to introduce innovative teaching methodology and improve young people’s digital skills. The programme works alongside the mainstream curriculum to provide students with the digital, problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for a successful career in work or continuing education. This opportunity is open to all primary schools in the Western Balkans, targeting grades of students aged from 10 to 14.

We are working in collaboration with the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science and other relevant ministries in the region to offer access to trainings, equipment, materials and create opportunities for schools to engage with a network of other schools and key stakeholders across the Western Balkans and the UK.

Through the programme, participating schools receive comprehensive support to develop new ways of working at a school and classroom level. We also want to support schools to exchange experience with other schools that are part of the network, including schools from other countries.

For further information about this programme please write to us or call us at 02 3135 035.

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