The winners of the second place on our second Coding Challenge are coming from Radolista, Struga. These innovative students, Lisa Dauti and Natura Hoxha, came up with the awesome idea to create smart bins that help with classifying the waste and recycling. Learn more about their project in the video below prepared by them for the competition. 

Below the video you can read interviews with both students and their supportive teacher Kanarina Azizi where you can read what pupils and teacher think about our programme and their participation on Coding Challenge. 

Interview with students Lisa Dauti and Natura Hoxha

1. What was the inspiration to choose this topic for the project?

LD: I always focus on making projects in school that I think I won't be able to achieve. Our inspiration for the realization of this project was the desire for cleaner classrooms and raising the conscience of the students for the selection of school waste.

NH: Raising students' awareness of the environment in which they live and easier selection and disposal of waste.

2. Are the clocks more interesting when to use micro: bit edits?

LD: When we started working with micro: bit devices, we could do a lot of interesting projects with such devices, while the lesson was very interesting because we expected to see the results of the task we wrote about the micro: bit device.

NH: Yes, the lesson is interesting, as it allows students to experience new experiences and be creative for innovative work.

3. In which industry would you want to work in the future and why?

LD: I want to work in a big company for programming and innovation, because in our country it is necessary to introduce innovations that will be successful in our market. The potential to get out of the country, on the European market, is very important.

NH: I want to work in the waste recycling industry, in order to reduce waste and have a cleaner environment, not only for the people, but also for all living organisms.

4. What are the following projects that you would be interested in creating?

LD: This school year I transferred to a secondary vocational school where we have no work with micro: bit devices in the subject of informatics, that's why I can't plan future projects.

NH: I would like to make a project for the use of solar energy for water heating, so that we will have as little use as possible for electricity, fossil fuels and wood.

5. What would they say to their peers who are considering applying to the next competition?

LD: I have a desire to work with projects, I feel responsible for the task I get, I just need a little support to be able to realize my many ideas. I had the support of my teacher, with whom, after many numerous consultations, we decided on such a project.
I recommend my peers to get involved and work on similar projects. If there is desire and love, they can achieve their goal, to make more interesting projects.

NH: I would say you have the will and creativity to create projects that are creative and necessary for the environment we live in to see positive change.

Interview with the teacher Kanarina Azizi

1. Is it easier or harder to work with children when you need to use micro:bit devices in your classes?

Using the micro:bit device makes it easier to work with students by making them curious, active and easier to understand the lesson.

2. How does school teaching change if you apply the skills for critical thinking and problem solving in class.

Critical thinking and problem solving essentially change the course of the class and the role of the class teacher. Students are not only listeners to the class, here they actively participate in the class giving ideas, thinking to solve various problems. The class becomes more interesting and productive.

3. What are your impressions of working with students in creating your project?

The realization of the project was a great challenge for the students, being for the first time working with the micro: essence and implementation of the ideas in practice. The great desire for learning, patience and dedication in carrying out the tasks enabled the project to be successfully completed. I am very pleased and happy that together we managed to create a product that is functional and useful.