From Geography and Physics to other natural science classes, pupils from "Krste Misirkov" elementary school have used micro:bits to create not only their own measuring tools but to conduct very advanced experiments

When Hristian Topalov, 6th grade pupil researched what is the best protection against the waves at the seaside, he struggled with creating a prototype to test ideas from his research.  Here micro:bit comes into play! Our powerful pocket sized computer came as a perfect solution to connect all the other mechanical parts. With the help of his Geography Teacher, Aneta Čakovska, he achieved his goal and made his bright idea a reality. His teacher Aneta was happy to tell us how much micro:bit influenced problem solving and critical thinking skills in her pupils, and how it helped them develop interesting projects.

Besides geography, teachers from other subjects were eager to join forces with pupils as well in order to help them turn micro:bits to real life measuring tools and devices. Physics teacher, Aneta Topalova, was inspired to tell us how much progress micro:bit brought to her classroom as pupils started making their own measuring tools, like the one that  calculates voltage for example. From very basic projects, to real electrical engineering machines, micro:bit was implemented across the subjects in "Krste Misirkov" elementary school. Take a look at the video below and see how innovative this projects are.