Curiosity needs to be cultivated from an early age and Vesna Gagalovska, head teacher, understood that. She applies micro:bit to all of the subjects so that her fifth graders can all find a way to use micro:bit for projects that suits their interests best. As teacher Vesna said, it is important that micro:bit is used not only in Informatics and computer based subjects, but Biology, Chemistry and all the other subjects as well.

This is how container "Gricko", Mathematical calculator, Stopwatch and many other projects came to life. From curios and a little bit scared pupils, they became very successful in building many projects and enjoying the subjects they were struggling with before. Our programme "21st Century schools" is aiming to develop critical thinking and problem solving in the youngest of pupils, and "Todor Angelevski" school showed us how far we can go. Enjoy this video, with our young pupils presenting their accomplishments.