Can you believe that elementary school pupils are thinking about serious topics such as traffic safety, and more specifically about remote safety systems for the trucks? And imagen those kids, not only being able to critically think to recognize this is a big problem, but also to be able to solve that problem by themselves. Well that is what pupils from elementary school "Blaže Koneski" from Prilep just did! 

Pupils say that they were motivated to save lives of many drivers around the world as there are many accidents every day. These three young kids worked with their teacher, Natasha Risteska Prodanoska, to bring their idea to life. And although Natasha said that in the beginning micro:bit didn't look like a thing that could have that many coding possibilities, by the end of the project they were all surprised with opportunities it opened up for them. 

Mihaela, Antonio and Petar and their teacher competed at our Regional competition in Belgrade in 2019, and they have placed second in the fierce competition of teams from whole Western Balkans. In the video story bellow, you can hear about the process of creating their project from idea to the prototype, from the pupils themselves.